Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution No. 1 - Goals For My Assemblage Studio

I hate to start this post with such a messy picture, but this is the current state of my assemblage studio. It’s a mess, a mess to the point that I am not productive. It needs to be reorganized. I have several other goals for the upcoming year but this is a good place to start.

Challenges this room has:
12’ x 10’ small size
3 Doors
It is a passageway from the garage to the kitchen and outside
Catch-all room because of above
No heat
Poor lighting at night

What I like about this studio space:
Convenient to kitchen for multitasking with my domestic side
Great Northern daylight with large glass sliding doors. Plus a nice sunny south facing window.
Convenient to the fenced in back yard so that I can keep an eye on my dogs.
Dog door
Messy work bench! I am sure it will become messy with use but a goal to clean anyways.

I love this antique dental chair. When I brought it home there was only a small tear on the leg rest. Several puppies later and all the stuffing has been pulled out and the tear is huge. Also the seat needs to be repaired. I am hoping to find a leather chair or couch bound for the trash heap that I can recycle the leather from to repair this.
The surrounding area also needs to be tidied!

The wall of drawers! If you have read my previous posts you will know that I love drawers. They need to be organized a bit more more. The lamp needs to be rewired and carried downstairs too!

Pictured is a sculpture of a carved wooden pile of fish that my sister Jodi Hollnagel Jubran made. I have the doggy door propped against them. It is not the best location to showcase this piece, but when you are from a family of artists art is abundant! It is one of my treasured pieces of art so at least it is in a place that I can enjoy it. Perhaps in the future I can take some better pictures to share here.

Hopefully in the upcoming year I will be able to post pictures of the improved studio space.


Kim said...

I know you didn't ask, but I'm gonna say: Heat, number one priority! hahaha.

I love the space...especially all of the drawers! do you label all of your supplies? I am constantly trying to figure out how to organize papers for my mixed media pieces...right now I have too many overflowing plastic tubs. Plastic tubs are ugly and uninspiring.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Hi Kim,
Ha Ha,Your probably right on heat being a priority. I could add a portable heater, but I do have other places to work that are already heated, so I hate to add to the bill. I label as much as I can. I would even like to add labels to the drawers that don't have them. I have a filing cabinet in my upstairs studio that I keep some papers in. Mixed Media is such a storage nightmare!