Friday, June 12, 2009

A Gift in the Mail!

Today I received a wonderful gift in the mail, 5 beautiful lampwork beads from Joy Taylor. She had left a comment on my last post so I followed the link to her blog. Joy was offering beads to the first ten followers of her blog. I was first!


Sara said...

I was going through some of the old "fat books" where we participated together...and found your blog address. I am excited to have found you again!

And the beads are very cool! I'll check out her site, too!

JOY said...

Hey Kim, I will be watching to see what you create with your beads. I still have free beads, new pictures posted for thoses interested. I wnat to join th mixed media challenge. I have joined the site and need to wait for acceptance. I will be watchiing what you do with thos images.