Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mix It Up Challenge - Continued...

These are the 8 assemblages that I made. I placed them in a wine box for safe keeping. To give you an idea of their scale the wine box is about 12 inches long. I am still thinking about whether or not they should each be incorporated into a box of some sort. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

This was actually the first piece that I assembled. The knothole in the driftwood seemed a good match for the illustration. I painted the wire pink to represent an umbilical cord from the mother to the unborn infant.

The twisted wood on this piece of driftwood reminded me of veins and arteries. I dry brushed them with white acrylic paint to blend in with the veins and arteries of the anatomical illustration.

This was one of the most tiny anatomical illustrations in my packet from Alicia. I felt the combination of driftwood and this illustration was quite bland until I added the rusted wire and bead.

The holes in this piece of driftwood were what attracted me. I cut out the eye and moved the anatomical illustration around until I found a good fit over one of the holes. This was the first piece that I added some rusted wire to. I liked the effect so well that I added wire to several of the other pieces as well.

I found a different piece of driftwood, than the one pictured below, for this one that I liked better.

This one came together so fast I forgot to photograph the before photo. Just underneath the cloth, on the anatomical illustration, was pictured a portion of fabric that was the inspiration for me to use the cloth. I wanted a cloth that was old looking, off-white, and draped well. I found a piece of vintage well-worn pillowcase in my stash.

This was the first piece that I added the numbered, cloth covered pins to. I bought a jar full at a rummage sale a couple of years ago. I am not sure what their original intent was. I have mostly #2's, some 5#'s, and small amount of some other numbers.

I matched an unborn baby with this piece of driftwood. The knothole reminded me of a uterus. The overall shape has a sperm like quality to me.


Crystal said...

These pieces are incredible ~ I can't figure out which is my favorite ~ well done!

Uncanny Festoon said...

Kim! Amazing! It shows what a great design eye you have. My favorite is the pregnant piece. I like the position of the nails.They caught my eye right away, then lead my eye down the piece. The knot in the wood as the womb and the pink wire are very moving. I also have a fondness for the piece wrapped in cloth, it lets the viewer join in. I do see some of the pieces housed in their own box or?? Like maybe that piece that looks like sperm housed in a test tube? It is all just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Joy, I love the test tube idea! I wonder if I could find one large enough.

Anonymous said...

these pieces are so amazing, kim! i love each and every one of them, but particularly the heart (which again, i think would make a fabulous necklace) and the belly/umbilical chord piece and the fetus... the are all so fabulous!

when i can get my camera fixed, i will take and post photos of what i've done with my illustrations and your driftwood. i used some wire too. :)

i do think that housing some of the pieces in their own boxes would be a fabulous idea. the test tube idea is amazing as well. how large is that piece? i have a few text tubes of varying sizes, though maybe not large enough.