Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Theme–Unfurled


The theme for this month’s Sketchbook Challenge is “unfurled”. I plan on using photographs of myself a lot in my “Fragmented” journal. Since my art is already in some way about myself, I want to explore this idea more literally. I also want to incorporate more interactive elements to this journal.


As Kim journaled with each mark, thought and idea put to paper…


More marks, thoughts and ideas unfurled…


More marks, thoughts and ideas unfurled…


The three dimensional moveable layout has yielded several opportunities for different photos. With the addition of light and shadows there are even more possibilities. After looking at this journal entry on the blog I see that there is a need for some marks and a journal date. To be continued…DSCN3728

Finished…at least for now.

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