Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pages in my “FrAgMEntEd “ Journal


I decided to incorporate and journal about my first and second prototypes for the cover to show how my idea developed.


I had a lot of leftover parts from the journal cover so I decided to create another collage of myself. I like the idea of repurposing less than “perfect” copies for journaling.


Yes it is true, I don’t work in my journal in an orderly fashion. After creating the page above I decided that I needed a different cover page so I pasted in another piece of paper. A circle cutout gives a peephole to the next page.


Now that I have this art journal that I love I need to start working in it. I put in just what I am thinking about “Looking for Inspiration”. To add literal meaning and an interactive component I make my eyes moveable.


Yes I do look a bit crazy! LOL!

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