Monday, November 21, 2011

Art Journal Page - Andy Warhol Quote


I found this Andy Warhol Quote:

Don’t think about making art…just get it done…let everybody else say whether its good or not…and while they’re deciding…keep making more art.

I found this quote to be so relevant to my creative journey that I have placed it at the top of my side bar.

My first idea was to find a picture from the Shaker book that I have, illustrating someone making art. These two ladies fit the bill. In serendipitous journaling behavior I found Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup Can art in the American Craft magazine that I have been collaging from. This art was the inspiration for my tomato red color. I don’t use the color red very often so this was leading me out of my comfort zone. I like the combination of red coral and turquois in jewelry and decided to play with these colors together on my journal page. While flipping through the magazine later, looking for more inspiration, I found the tiny Campbell Soup Can image. An "M" with a brush caught my eye because of the color. After tearing the "M" out of the magazine I found it upside down on my table and seen a “W”, for Warhol. I admire the craftmanship of the Shakers but decided to “shake” things up a bit and add some bright colors and quirky designs to their clothes and décor.

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