Friday, November 11, 2011

November Sketchbook Challenge – Imaginary Animals



I combined this month’s theme “Imaginary Animals” with an entry into my FRagMENteD Journal.  This painting was inspired by Lynn Whipple’s Ninnies. She takes vintage cabinet photos and paints imaginary creatures over them. You can see her work HERE.

I am as a boston terrier. Look at my square face and jowls! They say owners resemble their pets, no wonder I like boston terriers! I tried to take a picture of myself to mimic the serious poses on vintage cabinet photos. Upon reflecting here: I look like I am waiting for something to eat; Someone to feed me; Perhaps my master to come home. Funny, not my intention. I had to include one of my RAEvNs. While we don’t have any ravens where I live, seeing crows gets the dogs quite excited.

Boston terriers have been bred to not have long tails, I guess I needed one to feel balanced!

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Shelly said...

This is so awesome!!! Majorly inspiring!