Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Mime - When Fantasy Becomes Reality

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

Claude spent most of his time living in a world of fantasy.

One day his fantasy became reality.

If only Claude could call out for help.

His frantic gestures led only to further amuse his viewers.

First act or grand finale?

The idea of a mime being trapped in a jar came from the classic "Mime trapped in a glass box" performances. When "fantasy becomes reality" is the theme of this piece. What if a mime was trapped in a jar and couldn't ask for help because he was a mime? What if the more frantic he became only led to further amusing his audience? Somerset Studio magazine had a "Call for entries - enchanting jar scenes". This is the concept that I came up with, perhaps a bit more odd than enchanting!

To see this jar and other jars view the March/April 2007 issue of Somerset Studio available here.

Thank you to my son-in-law Joel! You did an excellent job of modeling and acting out the mime role!

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