Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EphemeraFEST – Manitowoc, WI



This Saturday I will be attending EphemeraFEST in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Kim Geiser, the owner of Persimmons Studio, is hosting the event. Mel Kolstad, a self proclaimed Ephemeraologist, will also be there!

Have you ever wished that you could attend an art retreat? Get together with like minded artists?

Money tight? It doesn’t matter because it’s FREE!!!

I attended Kim Geiser’s “Inspire My Life” Art Retreat last year. It is hard to put into words the impact attending this event had on my life. You meet new friends, collect creative ideas, and for days and months after the creative spark lasts. And every once in a while a smile comes to your face, as you remember something funny someone said or how nice someone was…

You can find the page for EphemeraFEST and more information on facebook here:


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Vanessa Johanning said...

It was so awesome to finally meet you!! Xxoo