Friday, May 25, 2012

Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men - Carus - Assemblage


Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men - Carus – Assemblage

The belt buckle was the starting inspiration piece for this assemblage. I had an idea that it could be something to look through, perhaps a portal to clarity. Next I searched for a photo and found the above cabinet photo with the handsome young gentleman. I intended on finding a one line quote from an old book to add below the picture. I pulled out my old “Chatterbox” book that I have been working in and the first page I opened I found the title for my piece “Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men” with the quote below.

Carus. - 1. Hear as little as possible whatever is to the prejudice of others. 2. Believe nothing of the kind till you are absolutely forced to it. 3. Never drink into the spirit of any one who circulates an evil report. 4. Always moderate, as far as possible, the unkindness which is expressed towards others. 5. Always believe that if the other side were heard, a very different account would be given of the matter.

When all of the pieces come together as if they were always meant to be – this is the magic of assemblage.

To enhance the design I added three screw clips and for interest rather than adding a fourth I use a singleton cufflink, which was perhaps once worn by a “Celebrated Man”.

This is an original assemblage framed under glass. Available in my Etsy shop RAEvN's Nest here.

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