Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butterfly Necklace – Assemblage

I haven’t posted in awhile. Instead I have been listing items in a new Etsy shop (details soon), cleaning and organizing. I find it difficult to incorporate blogging when I’m being productive or unproductive (so blogging fits in this little niche between).
An actual butterfly wing sandwiched between plexiglass and brass. My sweet sister sent me some bugs that she had been collecting over the years, to copper electroform. The wings on the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly were just too pretty to cover. The adjustable necklace is made up of smoky faceted round luster glass beads, rough faceted chunks of tourmaline and faceted teardrop shaped natural citrine. I will be listing this on my Etsy shop as soon as I get some more pictures taken. SOLD!


Artorama said...

Very nice

Shelly said...

Oh wow... wow oh wow... this is gorgeous, Kim!!! I'm completely fascinated by it. (Insert more wows here.) :)

heather noye said...

wow! this is truly lovely!!!

Vanessa Johanning said...

I agree!! Wow wow wow it's cool!