Sunday, October 20, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists – Day 10 – Part A



Day 10  for the TEN art challenge for Creative Studios

I decide the red cardstock would make a nice compliment to the etched metal plate and weathered wood of the base.



Time to bend the metal plate to conform to the glass paperweight and wooden base.

Safety Tip:  It would be wise to wear protective foot gear rather than sandals for this step.

My husband gave me these two steel plates to use as a tool to bend metal. I simply place the brass between the two plates. Then use some clamps to help hold in place.



Next bend the brass down using my hands. This is 28 gauge brass so it bends rather easily.



I end up bending the rest of the brass in the kitchen over the counter so that I have more room to work. My art always tend to spill over into the kitchen/dining area.



Checking the fit over the glass paperweight.



Pencil marks for next set of bends.



A little maneuvering and the bends are working.



Two sets of bends done!



Another check for fit.



I use the original pattern template to help me figure out the opening for the glass paperweight.



It fits!



I tacked the metal in place and then drew around the brass with a pencil to mark my cutting lines for the red cardstock. I cut the cardstock with an craft knife.



First layer with inspirational magazine page.

Notice the tripod over the fire in the magazine image, that fits into the niche, on the lower left side…



…I cut a little opening to peek through.

Second layer, the red cardstock. ( I forgot to show the “Magic of Mind” title and descriptive text in the first layer picture. Too late now)!



Third layer mica sheets to protect the text and opening.

Post for TEN – Call to Artists – Day 10 – Part B coming soon!

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