Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TEN–Call to Artists–Day 3

What was I thinking! This is what usually goes through my head when I begin a challenge. Let’s take the 10 items I was given and discuss each one. Please don’t misconstrue my thoughts as whining or being unhappy with what I was given. I am simply letting you into my thought process.
1. I like the image of the girl, but this is reproduction art and something I don’t want to use for the focus of my art piece.
2. A red piece of cardstock. I like the color. A bit too new looking for my tastes so I cut a sample off to test to see if it will fade.
3. A polka dot notecard. A little too shiny and new looking for my tastes. I do like polka dots and the color has possibilities.
4. Black ribbon, again like the color but not thrilled with the shine and age.

5. Assorted letters. Don’t care for the multicolors or reproduction look.

6. Reproduction note card. I like the images. Looks like someone else’s creation. Perhaps I can use the bird. I like to incorporate birds in my art.

7. A zipper end. Again new…and how would I tie this into a project?

8. Magazine page. I like that it is an actual vintage magazine page. Some interesting words. I like the book image. Not really enough to base a project on.

9. Another magazine page. The “Magic of Mind”. That has some possibilities.

10. Third magazine page. Hmmm perhaps an assemblage with some type of electronics.

More percolating…

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