Friday, October 11, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists - Day 6



Day 6  for the TEN art challenge for Creative Studios

I think that my assemblage needs a finial on the top. Which one do you prefer?











I haven’t made my decision yet.



Next I need to create a metal piece to hold the glass paperweight onto the wooden substrate.  So I draw and cut out a loose paper pattern of what I want, just to get an idea how it would look.



I need to convert a 2 dimension pattern into 3D.  This gives me ideas of how various curved flames will work.



Instead of starting from scratch each time, I decide to draw a precise master template to work from. I make copies of the ephemera that I am going to incorporate and tack these in place. Quite a difference from the first pattern.

When I am pleased with the design I print a copy of the master template.



I cut the copy out, fold it and place over the glass paperweight and wood base.



I contemplate how the curves and and placement looks on each side.



Some parts are redrawn and cut differently.



Now is the time for changes. It’s only paper!



No matter how much planning I do, I know that the translation always looks different in metal. 

Then I take this pattern and place it over the master template tracing the corrections.


IMG_1286 (2)

The pattern is ready!

The next day is going to involve A LOT of sawing!

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Jill Berry said...

It is great to see your process here, since I cannot see you in person right now. I am interested in watching this turn into the metal you make look so wonderfully easy, I just know it is not. I vote for finial #2.