Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists – Day 5



Day 5 out of 10 for my art challenge for Creative Studios 

I finally have my idea choice! “The Magic of Mind” is the theme. I remembered that I had this glass paper weight with a half sphere shape which reminds me of a half planetary sphere. Perfect to tie into the words “THE GREATEST POWER ON EARTH”. I move the paper weight around the human figures and fire. I like how the curved glass distorts and magnifies the image depending on the angle I look through it. I conclude that I like it placed over the words themselves.


Next I contemplate a choice for a substrate. I am considering digging up some wooden boxes but then this industrial wood casting mold catches my eye. So I place the glass paperweight on top and I am pleased with how they relate to one another. I need  way to attach the glass paperweight to the wooden casting mold.



Playing with placement ideas. I have begun to cut the magazine page apart. In retrospect I would have liked to print a copy to experiment with, then remember my printer/scanner is out of ink anyways.


I need something above the words “THE GREATEST POWER ON EARTH”




I think that the bottom of the chair will work. I also need imagery to fill up the space inside of the wooden substrate.


So I cut off the excess and reposition it elsewhere. I affix the images to a piece of acid free paper to help act as a buffer between the wood and newspaper.



That fills the space enough for my tastes.



Next I begin cutting out parts from each of the 10 items to make sure that I incorporate all into the design.



I check both sides before cutting so that I don’t ruin an image or words that I like better.



A bird for thought…



I decide to make a name plate for the backside of my assemblage. I like to make the backside of my art interesting as well.


“M” for Mind and Magic.



After looking through the ephemera several more times I think that I have removed all that I can use. I should just wait….but I can’t resist.



So I start to construct ATC’s. One for each of the other 9 participating artists plus 1 for  the host = TEN.


This is so much fun! Working on 10 cards at once. Trying to think up different combinations. Trying to make several different themes and styles just using the leftovers from my TEN challenge packet. I should really get back to work on my challenge piece…

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